Create your own custom tab extensions for Chrome with no coding required.
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Please head to on a desktop computer to build your new tab extension.
Extensions made with Tab Maker are compatible with the Chrome browser.
What is Tab Maker?
A tool that helps anyone to build custom tab extensions for Chrome, with no coding required.

An image with the words ‘share your ideas in every new tab’ split over two lines. The word ‘ideas’, at the end of the first line is on top of a blue box. The words ‘New Tab’, at the end of the second line is on top of a green box.
What can I make with Tab Maker?
Share images, text, links or GIFs that inspire, educate or inform. Every new tab is a chance to share what matters to you. Check out some examples in the gallery for inspiration.

How does it work?
Just follow the step-by-step instructions to create your design and fill in a Google Sheet with links to your content. When you're done, you'll get a ZIP file with your extension, ready to share with the world. Collaborating with others and updating the content is easy too: just edit the Google Sheet, and everything will be automatically updated.

An outlined browser window framing a blue half-tone greek statue on a red background with white text reading ‘history at home’ in the bottom left hand corner.
Why did we build Tab Maker?
Millions of new tabs are opened every day in Chrome but up until now, customising them required coding experience. With more to share than ever before, we wanted to open up this platform to anyone, regardless of coding skills. If you already have some coding chops, check out the Chrome Extensions documentation.
How to use Tab Maker:

1. Design your new tab page

2. Share and use your extension

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